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Habitats and Hazardous Environments Design and Development
Robert Cole

Mission Structure:
Earth to orbit system of aircraft-towed orbiter-vehicles, transverse shipping, stationary satellites and lander vehicles. These will include a schematic of public and private companies and endeavors.
Life support system includes septic, water and air to accommodate space vehicles and planetary installations. These will be designed to accommodate and integrate with both space vehicles, asteroid mining environments and planetary installations. Security and Biological hazards security and isolation protocols must be carefully accounted.

It must be remembered, mining will involve Asteroids, the composition of which may be heavy metals and radioactive materials. Therefore mining vehicles will need radiation and isolated materials-handling structures. Contaminated materials handling protocols apply. These need to be designed for a full range of expected materials with modular design set-ups for unexpected and creative uses.

Orbital Protocols
Design orbital regimes and create orbital protocols and integrate with Over-all Operations Protocol  ( O-Op )

All work stations can become future science laboratories.
Plans will be constructed for science labs and multi-array observatories on Mars, or around the Mars orbiting descent and launch station, or around the mid-point fuels-dump space station.

Constant Operations Parameters
Requisites for susceptibility and sustained operations to be integrated with Over-all Operations Protocol

Initial systems, Building and Growth
    Operations integrating initial phase installations
Establish Structures
    domiciles, gardens and workstations
    Power and Utilities
        Design initial power station and utilities to integrate with Over-all Operations Protocol
    Water Supply
        Water treatment units that accompany spacecraft will be designed for use on the planet to integrate into a larger water-systems scheme to feed the various “life-domes,” structures and work-stations.
        There should be careful management of water colors, white, gray, black, etc. These would be treated in the garden corridors. [Check plant pistil/pollen reproductive systems and growth rate on low gravity.] There may need to be Gravity Rings for certain garden requirements. This system needs to be dynamically integrated into the overall recycling regime and with the energy & power systems. Solar to Hydrogen and Oxygen production are initial goals.

Operations and Management
Define general operations and management systems and integrate with Over-all Operations Protocol
Prep for future Mining
Prep for future Manufacturing
Prep for future Resource Development
Prep for future Habitat Installations and Settlements
Prep for future Utilities

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