Space Habitats
Robert Cole

NOTE: At this time, there are endless media fantasy images purporting large spacecraft. All do not accord the momenta of mass and would pull themselves apart. All designs on this site are viable.

Centrifugal habitats will accommodate all space vehicles and planetary installations. Chain-linked Carriage Sleds are controlled with magnetic induction and revolve in large rings. Individual carriages allow floor-angles for housing on the Moon and Mars.

 A reciprocating weight displacement system maintains perfect balance by feeding air and water through piping and bladders from opposing sides.

Transport, controlling voltages (CV) and life-support are part of an overall power system where conservation and the momentum of the rings are a constantly giving power support.  It is possible to design piping with interior-surfaced fluting to create drag-dampening that would also salvage spurious charge.

The system supports all operations of human living environments. Space-craft food production, water and sewage.
The Domicile Rings rotate within an outer, non-rotating Water Jacket where water is reservoired and retrieved in carefully orchestrated currents from opposing directions.
Note: air weighs 0.0807 lbs/cf

Work Stations
Multiple and heavy-use, gravity units are, of course, separate from normal living quarters.